why can you tell clocks are shy?

why can you tell clocks are shy?
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热点英语谜语H(打一人事用语)剁(打一英文字母)What is that which has no leg but a body and aWhat is never used until it's broken?小学生英语谜语带翻译英语谜语脑筋急转弯What can you swallow than can also swallow youIf you were to throw a white stone into the Re

随机英语谜语A mouse has a large pocket. What is it?英语谜语(天气)What do you call your father-in-law's only chWhat's the difference between a hill and a piWhat large,英语谜语In a train,a woman saw other peoples' faces w四拐哦(打一英文单词)What would you say if you saw a ghost(鬼)?

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谜题:why can you tell clocks are shy?


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